The Shivers' Story

Shivers was founded in 2008 out of an existing franchise when the owners wanted the freedom to offer the Godfrey/Alton area more variety, and branched out to the penguin-fied 50's styled parlor you've come to love.

From 2008 on, Shivers has been locally owned. Since 2012 Shivers has been operated by Brian Morris, who has been an employee here since Shivers was founded. Recently Brian was able to follow through with one of his passions and now owns Shivers at the age of 26. Shivers has cut overall menu prices three times, increased quality, and created a truly customer feedback driven business under the direction of Brian. He cares a lot about his customers and their feedback, so much that you make more of the decisions than he does!

Following a guideline "when it comes to satisfying a customer, never stop improving" helps Shivers offer the best desserts and customer service in town. You are family and friends at Shivers - and we'll treat you that way!

Our Product

Shivers Frozen Custard features one of the most diverse frozen dessert menus of various frozen custard, ice-cream, and frozen yogurt parlors in the country.

Serving up low calorie frozen custard made fresh hourly helps you better savor its dense velvety smoothness, and intense release of flavor. Frozen custard is an ice-cream like dessert that is hand scooped, but creamy, enhanced with egg yolks, and not injected with air (as in soft-serve ice-cream and frozen yogurt). This appeals to dairy dessert aficionado's desire for fresh, healthy, quality desserts.

Shivers' original frozen custard contains only 120* calories, and as low as 80* calories in our "Lite" version of flavors. Frozen custard's lack of air as an ingredient makes it close to twice as dense as soft-serve. Meaning it will satisfy your appetite while only having to eat half as you would soft-serve. So go ahead, buy a small and it will fill you up like their medium. Couple that with Shivers already averaging less calories per ounce, you'll never have to feel guilty again!

Shivers is located in friendly Godfrey, Illinois.

3318 Godfrey Road | (618) 466-6915 |